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Conversations with people you donít know are a waste of time. Itís one thing to say you should keep talking to people outside your beliefs.

Itís a different thing to say you have to get entangled in pointless runarounds with people who may be paid shills living in Moldovia.

††††††††† If you donít know them, everything they say is out of context and meaningless to you.

I will add to this but that stands for now.


Now for something completely (?) different:


We vote for the TV. The TV makes 4 BILLION dollars every 2 years off of the elections.

Consequently the election can be and is bought. Every time. All we have to do to stop this

is quit voting for the TV. It wouldnít matter how much Soros donates or the Kochs donate

or the ďSuper PACsĒ or ESPECIALLY you. They really want the money you give. If they

can keep scaring you into trying to buy your country back (from whoever scares you most,

Soros or the Kochs or whoever they can boogeyman you with successfully) they can keep

this gravy train rolling.

And all we have to do is quit voting for the TV. Quit clicking on clickbait on Facebook,

stop falling for every sucker-grab for your attention.

All we have to do is let go of the cookies.