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I have been absent for a WHILE.   : )   Not inactive, just absent. So in one big catch-up:

No one ever says “The Footman did it!” Not even on Downton Abbey, where he actually did.

I am not picking on Loyola here.

Notice they don’t let you type in your own relationship status, no “Other: (please specify)          .

Low Self-EsteemPunk.   J   Those who know me know:

I want bonus points.



This is “El Mangusta”. The vest is python skin. J

It’s not the best color photo, but then it’s not really a Louvre candidate, now, is it?

This was my annual Xmas card. I need to start thinking about color schemes, these guys look like a touring company of “Robin Hood: Men In Tights.”

My favorite, contributed by Veronica: “Bear Grease.”  J

It might be kind of hard to see but the pricetag is “£20”

I got to wondering one morning, how big a reed do you have to have to be breathing anything besides your own exhalations?

It turns out this is about right.  J

It turns out there are only about 230 stories in “The 1001 Nights”. Not that I’m unfamiliar with making claims in my first few paragraphs of a story that I regret later.

Stand up for yourself, I say. Demand service!

I guess you can always use the bat to hit snowflakes. Remember you’ve got to hit them in the head.

Can I get an amen?

And they got the room comped, too!

It is not just a coincidence that I drew this on a plane flight. On the other hand, if you see me on a plane don’t take this to heart. I’m much happier by the time we land.

I spend a fair amount of time imagining what dogs would say, too.